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Keith Jarrett - FIJM_2004-07-01-033 Denis Alix

35 Years of Legends: Keith Jarrett

American pianist Keith Jarrett, considered by many to be a genius, is among the most creative musi­cians working in contemporary jazz. He burst onto the scene in the early 1960s, first with Charles Lloyd and then with Miles Davis. Continue reading

Dave BruBeck

35 Years of Legends: Dave Brubeck

This American pianist and composer established his reputation in the mid-1950s. His music had an original quality, informed by classical music influences. In his landmark compositions, he imposes his complex ideas and atypical rhythms on the music. The CD Time Out, featuring the classics Take Five and Blue Rondo à la Turk, confirmed once and for all his quartet’s place in jazz history.  Continue reading

Oliver Jones

35 Years of Legends: Oliver Jones

Remember the year: 1981. The 2nd edition of the Festival marks Oliver Jones’ first appearance at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal. He would return almost every year afterwards, taking part in opening and closing festivities on several occasions. Continue reading