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TOP 6: Posters that perfectly illustrate the Festival

For over 25 years, festival artist in residence Yves Archambault has charmed Festival fans with his poetic approach, giving each of his posters the value and status of a work of art.

Here are six colorful posters that perfectly illustrate the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal – selected by Yves Archambault himself.

What are your favorite Festival posters?

  1. 4The four cats series for the 15th edition in 1994

“The four cats were made of collages of papers cut from fashion magazines and formed the number 15 (for the 15th edition). It was a real coup de coeur.”


  1. Citoyens du monde in 2003


“This drawing appeared to me a night of March 2003. With long characters inspired by the phlegm of the Maasai people who wear the world map on their clothes… It was drawn in one stroke without any retouching.”

  1. Lien vital in 2007


“The meeting of two musicians that create a butterfly evokes the promise of a fantastic trip to the speed of sound.”

  1. Ubuntu, Malandro and Orisha

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“The ones that surprised me the most were the Ubuntu, Malandro and Orisha characters.They were very successful. They disappeared very quickly.”



  1. Saxophoenix


The saxophoenix is an epic figure of universal multiplicity and the incarnation of an ardent desire for it to be heard beyond the horizon of boundaries.

This limited-edition, numbered and signed silkscreen is available from the Galerie Lounge TD.

  1. Ruby 35


“The Ruby 35 cat is a fusion of a few themes drawn from the memory of the Festival. I play with images like a musician plays with his voice.”

“Jazz harmonizes your nerves to the beat of your heart.”

Yves Archambault